* Background image, Presencia de América Latina (Presence of Latin America), also known as Integración de América Latina (Integration of Latin America) is a mural painted by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarena. It is located at the University of Concepción (Ciudad Universitaria de Concepción), in Concepción, Chile.

Meet The Board

2019-2020 Board Members

The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law and Policy is a student-run legal journal. As such, it is edited and operated by law students currently enrolled at The University of Texas School of Law. It takes each and every one of the approximately fourty members to publish the journal each year. We are pleased to introduce you to the members of the Executive Board.

Editor-in-Chief: Natalie Harrison

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: University of Washington

  • Degree: Political Science, BA

  • Practice Area Interest: Finance, Corporate

  • Email: thjlp@law.utexas.edu

Managing Editor of Notes and Articles: Ruben Cardenas

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: University of Texas at Austin 

  • Degree: Communication Studies, BA; Government, BA

  • Practice Area Interest: Immigration and Family Law

  • Email: me.thjlp@gmail.com

Managing Editor of Programming: Melanie Ibarra 

  • Class Year: 2L

  • Alma Mater: 

  • Degree: 

  • Practice Area Interest: 

  • Emailme.thjlp@gmail.com

Operations Editor: Eden Kriz Klein

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: University of Texas, El Paso 

  • Degree: Economics, BBA

  • Practice Area Interest: Immigration, Children's Rights, Family Law, Civil Rights

  • Emailoperations.thjlp@gmail.com 

Enrique Ramirez-Martinez2 (1).jpg

 Submissions Editor: Enrique Ramirez-Martinez

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: Harvard University 

  • Degree: Philosophy, BA

  • Practice Area Interest: Immigrants Rights

  • Email: ae.thjlp@gmail.com 

 Associate Editor: Joshua Wagner

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: Utah State University

  • Degree: History, BA

  • Practice Area Interest: Immigration and Refugee Law

  • Email: ae.thjlp@gmail.com 

Associate Editor: Thomas Hootman

  • Class Year: 2L

  • Alma Mater: UT Austin

  • Degree:  BA, Anthropology, Iberian/Latin American Language & Culture

  • Practice Area Interest: Corporate

  • Email: ae.thjlp@gmail.com

Associate Editor: Omar Alexandro Gonzalez

  • Class Year: 2L

  • Alma Mater: The University of Texas at El Paso 

  • Degree: BBA in Economics, Minor in Intelligence and National Security Studies

  • Practice Area Interest: Criminal Justice 

  • Email: ae.thjlp@gmail.com

Alumni Relations Chair: Ricardo Gilb

  • Class Year: 3L

  • Alma Mater: Stanford University

  • Degree: 

  • Practice Area Interest: 

  • Email: alumni.thjlp@gmail.com

Symposium Chair: Anna Ibáñez

  • Class Year: 2L

  • Alma Mater: Bowdoin College  

  • Degree: Sociology 

  • Practice Area Interest: Real Estate and Land Use

  • Email: symposium.thjlp@gmail.com

Symposium Vice-Chair: Jonathan Molinar

  • Class Year: 2L

  • Alma Mater: UT Dallas

  • Degree: Finance 

  • Practice Area Interest: Transaction/Litigation 

  • Email: symposium.thjlp@gmail.com