Latinx Priorities 2020

Recordings & Digital Symposium Issue

On February 5, 2020, the Journal hosted its Spring 2020 Symposium, "Latinx Priorities 2020." The symposium focused on the priorities of Hispanic and Latinx voters in light of the pending presidential primaries on Super Tuesday and, eventually, the 2020 Presidential Election. All too often, Hispanic and Latinx voters are viewed as a monolithic voter bloc and can be mistakenly thought to focus solely on issues like immigration. Instead, our symposium highlights how this growing demographic focuses on the same critical issues as most other voters. Furthermore, the symposium shows how campaigns, both Democratic and Republican, should focus on how they can benefit communities of color, rather than taking their votes for granted. Recordings of the symposium panels and lectures as well as the Volume 27 Digital Symposium Edition are found below.

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