The Premier Journal for Hispanic, Latinx, and Chicanx Issues

The Texas Hispanic Journal of Law & Policy (THJ) is dedicated to the discussion of Latinx legal and public policy issues.


THJ is an academic, neutral forum open to all views for the analysis of novel, significant, or developing legal and public policy issues. THJ publishes materials from within and outside the legal community as viewed by Latinxs and non-Latinxs, including scholarly articles, book reviews, and student notes.


We welcome article submissions for publication from professors, scholars, law practitioners, and students world-wide.


Student membership is open to all law students who demonstrate excellence in legal writing and analysis.

Issues We Care About

  • 5th Amendment Right

  • 14th Amendment Rights

  • Gentrification

  • Democracy

  • Aristocracy 

  • Oligarchy

  • Poverty

  • Religious Freedom

  • Capitalism

  • Social Justice

  • Education Reform


* Background image, Presencia de América Latina (Presence of Latin America), also known as Integración de América Latina (Integration of Latin America) is a mural painted by Mexican artist Jorge González Camarena. It is located at the University of Concepción (Ciudad Universitaria de Concepción), in Concepción, Chile.